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5 Best Useful Marketing Tips for 2018

With all the wonderful information on the internet for you in regards to Marketing Tips, this blog is to give you ones that are relevant today and tomorrow! Read on to learn more.

Marketing tips for today, yesterday, and tomorrow to make your business look like a rock-star!

1. Images, Images, Images

Every blog out there is going to suggest to use GREAT images, what I am suggesting is the same, but as a marketer, you take lots of pictures so take a look at them and pick ones that are very compelling and are out-of-the-box.

I used to work for many different sectors in the market; real estate, university, telecommunications, environmental, and the wedding industry. My range of pictures are enormous and one image can work great in another niche. For example, look at this image below, talk about outside-of-the-box. Volkswagen – Precision Parking advertisement.

Goldfish in bags next to a porkypine


2. ​Call-to-Action

Sometimes this element in an asset that can be missed. I remember when I was starting off, I forgot the company's contact information. And when I gave it to the owner to approve, even he missed it!

On the internet, you will find all kinds of tips on the best Call-to-Action methods and their results, be sure to keep a resource of the ones that will work best for your employer or client.


3. Re-purpose

Use your time as best you can. As your creating your content, have the thought in your head of how you can break this information down to use on other media platforms. You can use it in:

a. Slideshare

b. Inforgraphic

c. Crossword puzzle

d. User guides

e. Blog topic

f. YouTube video


4. Edit

Nothing is more important in marketing than correct spelling and grammar. It's just expected and when it's not done, it POPS OUT to the reader.

If you are designing your asset, creating the idea of the message and look, then your mind is in several places. (And that's the talent of us marketers), then we may miss eye opening grammar errors and much more. So, have another set of eyes proof your work or come back to it.

I always recommend to let your work sit for a day and come back to it. However, I have worked with employers who want it now! Like in 2 hours. That's the uniqueness of a marketer, you handle so many different tasks in crunch time, I believe its a bit more than other occupations. I have spend years in accounting, administrative, project management, quality assurance, and others, but marketing, you use a whole lot more of an array of skills under high time pressure. And I believe the reason those that you work for do not think this type of work should take long because the end product is a nice image and some text.


5. Social Media

As a marketer or a business owner, you know you have to incorporate social media into your marketing. So with the marketing collateral your creating, see how you can add it to your social media.

Some of you may have this as your first thought because it was a goal you were making for your business. Don't forget to use the SMART goal technique.


With these five golden nuggets, you are well on your way to creating engaging, converting, and relevant marketing content.



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