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Who Should Watch Ana's Live Trading?
Curious about mastering the art of scalping? Ana's Live Trading Session is designed for traders who crave actionable insights and real-time strategy application. If you're an ambitious beginner looking to break into scalping, or a seasoned trader aiming to sharpen your edge with advanced techniques, this is your opportunity. Watch Ana in action, understand her thought process, and transform your trading approach with proven methods. Dive in and elevate your trading expertise!

Note: This session is for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.
Always trade responsibly and consider your risk tolerance.

How To Access Sessions:
Ana's team will announce her schedule and drop 
links to the session as they arrive:
Wednesday  June 12th, 2024
Friday June 14th, 2024
9:15 AM EST.
To register for a session, click the purple  button for the session you want to attend. If you would like to attend both sessions, you need to click each button separately.
If you are viewing this on a mobile device, the buttons are at the bottom of the page. 
What You'll Gain:


Live Trading Experience:

Watch Ana execute live trades, giving you a front-row seat to her decision-making process and market analysis.

Educational Insights:

Learn the intricacies of scalping, including entry and exit points, risk management, and technical analysis.

Q&A Sessions:

Participate in interactive Q&A sessions where Ana answers your trading-related questions, providing personalized guidance.

Exclusive Trading Strategies:

Gain access to Ana's scalping strategies that have been tested and refined over years of successful trading.

Real-Time Market Analysis:

Benefit from Ana's real-time analysis of market conditions, helping you understand the factors influencing price movements.

Community Support:

Connect with like-minded traders, share experiences, and support each other in your trading journeys.

*Available exclusively for paid members.

Trade Reviews:

Analyze and review past trades with Ana, learning from successes and mistakes to improve your future performance.

*Available exclusively for paid members.

Daily Recaps:

Receive daily summaries of the trading session, highlighting key takeaways and actionable insights.

*Available exclusively for paid members.

Resource Library:

Access a comprehensive library of educational materials, including articles, videos, and webinars to deepen your understanding of scalping.

*Available exclusively for paid members.

Join us for an unparalleled educational experience and elevate your trading skills with Ana's Live Scalping Session! 🚀📈


Note: This session is for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Always trade responsibly and consider your risk tolerance.

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Real Gem

Watch Live Trading



Educational Purposes Only

Valid until canceled

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Risk Management


Mind Set


  • How Does the Process Work?
    Click the try-out now button and you will receive an email from Ana's team within 24 hours. She will set up a Zoom meeting to discuss this opportunity further and learn about your interest in being on her team.
  • How Much Does It Cost to be on Ana's Scalping Team?
    There is no charge to try out or be a part of Ana's team. Her goal is to build a strong and cohesive scalping team. Please note that fees and terms are subject to change in the future.
  • How Many Traders Is Ana Looking for to be on Her Team?
    Currently, Ana is looking for 6 to 10 traders. Each has an integral role on the team.
  • When Does The Team Meet and Practice?
    Ana is currently in the process of forming a scalping team. Once she learns about the availability of the scalpers, the team will meet to finalize the details. They will be focusing on scalping during the New York open on weekdays. Specific days and times will be announced once she has more information.
  • Will Ana Be Rotating Her Scalpers? Or Is There A Later Time I Can Try Out To Be On Her Team?
    Ana is always looking for talent and ways to improve her team. While she will be forming a core team of scalpers for the New York open on weekdays, she is open to rotating scalpers and considering new members in the future. If you are interested in joining, there may be opportunities to try out at a later time.
  • Is Ana a Financial Advisor?
    Please be aware that Ana is not a financial advisor, and her live trading sessions are intended solely for educational purposes. They do not constitute financial advice. We encourage you to always trade responsibly and consider your personal risk tolerance.
  • Is Ana Guaranteeing Financial Benefits to the Team?
    Ana is not guaranteeing financial benefits to the team. She is not a financial advisor, and profits are not guaranteed. Traders are to trade at their own risk and should not hold Ana liable for any losses or gains.
  • How Do I Access the Membership and Classes Ana Talked About In Her Live Sessions?
    It's easy to purchase a membership or sign up for a class—just visit our website and head to the "Services" are on the home page of Ana's Website. Click here.
  • How Long Has Ana Been Scalping?
    Ana has been trading for five years and scalping for four. She has taught traders for three years in scalping, intraday, and swing. She is proficient in scalping NAS 100 and Bitcoin.
  • Does Ana Offer One-On-One Coaching?
    Ana offers personalized one-on-one coaching to help you enhance your trading skills. Click here for more.
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