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Choose Your Class/Service

  • Crypto Workshop

    Perfect for those trying Crypto
    • * Learn how to mark up charts for Bitcoin and other Crypto
    • * Learn how to use Coinbase Pro and Kraten
    • * Explore high probability scalping, intraday, & swing zones
  • 4Wk.Intensive/Online

    Perfect for those excited to learn more about their pair
    • * Access to recordings of 4 week class held in Feb.2022
    • * Learn how to back test your favorite pair
    • * Apply real-time trading scenarios
    • * 6+hours of teaching, a workbook, and tracking sheets
  • Bitcoin Plus Group

    Every month
    Join a powerful community that trades Bitcoin daily
    • * Daily Bitcoin live analysis for any type of trader
    • * Daily Zoom calls in morning and afternoon to analysis
    • * Book Club bi-weekly
    • * Daily & weekly learning outcomes from trade setups
    • and much more benefits for you!!
  • On-Demand FTMO Asst.

    Excellent for traders who are active in their FTMO challenge
    Valid for one month
    • * I am on call for you at anytime
    • * Do you find it hard to talk with someone who understands
    • the extreme decision-making that this challenge requires?
    • * Does your family or spouse find it difficult to give
    • you the correct words of encouragement to keep you centered
    • and focused and know what needs to be said?
    • *Can you step away while in a bad trade & reset yourself so
    • you don't regret your decisions if the trade is against you?
    • * Do you find yourself to far in drawdown (negative), and
    • unsure of how to recover?
    • * Do you know the number you need to keep a safe reserve
    • if you go too far in drawdown to have a high probability of
    • recovery?
    • * Are you more focused on the drawdown, than knowing the
    • knowing the trader that you are?
    • * These scenarios and more are what I will step in and work
    • through with you to help you succeed in your challenge.
    • * Limited clients are being accepted in order to provide
    • the best service to you.
  • Ninja NAS Scalper

    Every week
    Learn powerful scalper techniques to magnify your profits
    • * 30-minute/5 days week scalping sessions
    • * Learn what NAS 100 setups to take or don't touch
    • * Establish home run scalper trades
    • * Build up your consistency
    • * Learn how to leverage your Moving Averages in your favor
    • * Know when to shut down your scalp
    • * This is a discount rate for traders already
    • in the Bitcoin PLUS group & FTMO On-Demand Assistant
  • 1hr.Trading Coaching

    • * Zoom recording
    • * A recap sent to your email of our session
    • * Screenshots sent to you
    • during our session of concepts covered
  • Ana's FTMO Community

    FTMO Accountability Group. Helping each other succeed
    Free Plan
    • * Zoom recordings to the group's meetings
    • * Access to a vibrant Telegram community
    • * Access to weekly Saturday live Zoom meetings
    • * Feedback, support, tips and tricks to pass your challenge
    • * Real-life experiences other traders are going through
    • * All types of challenges our members are taking,
    • not just with FTMO
  • 1hr.Trading Coaching

    One-on-One- No Zoom Recording
    • * A Zoom Recording is not provided
    • * If you would like the rerecording, please
    • select that service listed on this page.
    • * A recap sent to your email of our session
    • * Screenshots sent to you
    • during our session of concepts covered
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