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Learn How to Scalp New York Open
10 Weekly Sessions (½ hr) to Learn How to Scalp New York Open with NAS 100, US30, and Bitcoin.


Each class caters to the trader's trading style depending on their size levels they use in scalping. The Trading View from New York open replay is used to teach you these skills.  The group class allows you to hear the other trader's questions. You will learn to recognize the value of mindset is more important than skill.


Lot Size Levels:

$50 to $200- Class A- Tues. 9pm EST.

$10 to $30- Class B- Wed. 12pm EST

$2 to $5- Class C- Thurs. 9pm EST.

Under $1- Class D- Fri. 12pm EST.

Prerequisite For This Class: 

1.) Previous knowledge of the risk and the volatility of New York open from 9:30 am EST to 10:00 am.

2.) Previous Experience-

  • scalped New York open before; if not, but you want to learn.

  • 3 months+ trading experience in live markets and on different time frames.

  • Completed 100+ trades in a real account.

  • Ability to view the live market on different layouts at one time.

3.) Previous experience with Engulfing Candles, breakouts, and reversal candles.

4.) Knowledge of what Moving Averages and Exponential Moving Averages are and how a trader uses the in their setups.

5.) You are comfortable or want to learn how to close a trade quickly and take profits.

6.) Recognize support & resistance levels and how to identify them.

7.) You have a trading platform in which you can execute these setups.

8.) Working knowledge of:

  • How to count pips or points with your broker.

  • Fibonacci.

  • Different time frames at one time on the trading platform you use.

  • How to take partials on your trades and move stop into profit.

In These 10 Weekly Sessions, I Will Teach You  and How to Prepare for New York Open:

  1. How to scalp New York open based on your lot size you trade with

  2. When to enter and exit.

  3. When to add to trades.

  4. When to take partials.

  5. Additional Tools to use in your scalping sessions to help guide you.

At the Completion of these Sessions, You Will:

1.) Scalp New York Open with the asset/stock you use.

2.) Confidently asses your level of risk in trading.

3.) Know where to place your stop loss.

4.)Know when to close your trade, aka, Take profit zones.

5.) Assess the volatility at this time of the market.

6.) Confident and consistent in trading ability, and knowledgeable to make better, more profitable trades.



Registration opens Oct 2nd, 2023 as soon as the class fills up, the class will start. Class size is limited.

$400/ 10 half-hour weekly sessions.  Zoom recording access for 3 months, no download available.

Sign up early, and receive a complimentary 1/2 hr one-on-one coaching session* with Ana DeShields.

(Restrictions apply)

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Best Value

Learn How To Scalp New York Open



Valid until canceled

10 half hour weekly sessions.

Scalp New York Open with the asset/stock you use.

Confidently asses your level of risk in trading

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