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4 Quick Steps to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar


So you are interested in learning how to build a social media editorial calendar! Great, here are the nuts and bolts on how to do it.

Underneath the steps I will give you the tips/ values you can obtain from creating this helpful tool. As you will see in my blogs, I aim to get right to the chase, then after that give you the extra you may need because so many blogs now a days go on and on in the introduction of them, that you the reader, are like, "Come on, just tell me what I need to do!"

4 Easy Steps to Build Your Social Media Editorial Calendar.

  1. Use your Buyer Persona as a guide.

  2. Create a sheet with columns and rows. The columns will hold the days of the week, the rows will be your categories/subjects to talk about.

  3. Determine what kind of content you are going to use to support each subject. Are you going to have an image, video, testimonies, examples, etc? As you know, short video's are the way to go, they entice and keep your reader, and are the most popular. If you have your own video's great, use them or even make them. These videos only need to be a few second long to support your topic.

  4. Once you have done steps 1 thru 3, now check off the days of the week and the subjects you will be talking about, and there you have it, your social media editorial calendar!

Here are some samples to help inspire you.

Tools to use

For the chart- MS Office Excel, Google Sheets, etc.


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